A Salute to Our Founding Members

A message from the first president of ASET, Ernie Carter, C.E.T.

29, Apr, 2014

I wish to take this opportunity to recognize the contribution of a number of dedicated people during our formative years in the early sixties.

Previously there had been some efforts by draftsmen, technicians, printers and numerous other para and semi professional personnel to form an organization for the purpose of establishing standards, creating a medium for the interchange of ideas, and the discussion of subjects of common interest.

Several desultory meetings were held with very little progress mostly because of lack of leadership and common interest.

During 1961 our efforts attracted the attention of the Association of Professional Engineers of Alberta (APEA) as it was then, and Registrar Ivan Finlay, P.Eng., volunteered the guidance and sponsorship of his group. Subsequently we held countless meetings requiring Ivan's attendance from Edmonton. In addition Al Gorrell and Wally Smith contributed much time and energy to these sessions, together with many other APEA members from time to time.

Our own leaders of course devoted prodigious hours of time and effort. I think particularly of Dale Tufts, Bill Duke, Vaughan Monson, Don Thorogood, Jim Purvis and many others behind the scenes.

I believe we owe these diligent individuals a considerable debt. Their tenacity, patience and leadership has created a thriving organization from a humble beginning.

Ernie Carter, C.E.T.
1st President of ASET

from "ASET 1963-1988: The First 25 Years"

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