Legal Recognition

December 1985 saw a major milestone in the history of ASET

30, Apr, 2014

In December 1985 a major milestone in the history of ASET was attained when the Alberta government approved regulations establishing the Registered Engineering Technologist category of membership in ASET.

This legislation provides an entitlement for the R.E.T. to practice engineering by signing and stamping his work (and also work which he has supervised) but will be restricted to those drawings, specifications or other documents prepared within an engineering team and for which and engineer has agreed to accept professional responsibility.

This acknowledges the need to safeguard the public interest and ASET is confident that this legislation enhances the quality of engineering in Alberta. In practice, this is recognized by the joint stamping of drawings, specification, etc. by the R.E.T. and P.Eng., thereby legally identifying and associating both parties with the integrity of the engineering work performed by the R.E.T.

Adapted from "ASET 1963-1988: The First 25 Years"
George Audley, C.E.T., edited by Karolina Hajnal

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