ASET launches specialized certificate and credential recognition process

18, May, 2022

ASET’s Registration and Services department has just launched a specialized process for certificate and credential recognition, to strengthen public trust and highlight the value of members to their industries. These elements will allow members to highlight the time and effort they’ve put into self-improvement and increasing professional competency.

“The recognition of specialized technology certifications will increase both public trust and association members’ value to the industry by recognizing applied science, information, or engineering technology certifications obtained from post-secondary schools and organizations,” said Melanie Leaf, ASET Registrar and Director of Practice.

“The recognition of certifications will assist in achieving this outcome by acknowledging the continuing education that members have completed in their journey to advance their careers,” she added.

Leaf pointed to the various certificate offerings from NAIT and SAIT as prime examples of this type of learning. She cited the industrial automation certificate, roadbuilders certificate, and water and wastewater technician certificate as just a few specialized technology certifications available at those institutions. The newly developed ASET management certificate available from NAIT and SAIT is another feather a member can place in their cap to point out their expertise.

Credentials equally valuable, such as the project management professional, can be found at other schools and organizations across Alberta, and added to a member profile as soon as ASET staff has verified them.

With such clear indicators of  specific expertise and knowledge, an ASET member can show without question their commitment to currency and competency.

If you’re a member who’d like to add specialized credentials and/or certificates to your profile in the online roster, you can do so by following the steps here.


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