Looking ahead with the Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association

06, Sep, 2022

Are you thinking of changing your benefit plan, but finding yourself overwhelmed by all the decisions you’re faced with? The Albert Retired Teachers’ Association (ARTA) can help you make the decision. ARTA is a not-for-profit organization, whose goal is to support an engaged lifestyle through member-centered services, advocacy, communication, wellness and leadership.

If you’re an active or retired ASET member who’s been in good standing for at least two years, you are eligible to join ARTA as an affiliate member. Affiliate membership allows you to participate in the Technology Professionals Benefit Plan, providing you with several different options to suit your family’s health and travel coverage needs.

The Technology Professionals Benefit Plan has ten options to choose from. Six of the health plans include emergency travel insurance for trips lasting up to 92 days, with no pre-existing conditions clause and no stability clause. Each of the health plans provide comprehensive coverage, which includes prescription drugs, medical supplies, paramedical services, vision care, hearing aids, private duty nursing, private or semi-private hospital rooms, and home care. ARTA also offers three dental care options that feature preventative, minor and major restorative services coverage.

If you apply for coverage through athis plan within 60 days of losing your group sponsored benefits plan, you can join the plan without needing to provide medical evidence of insurability. Also, the plan does not have a termination age – you may continue coverage for as long as you want to participate. Detailed plan information is available online: Benefit Booklets | ARTA (artabenefits.net)

ARTA also offers a plan for those ASET members currently not participating in a group sponsored benefits plan. Our introductory plan, Primary Health, is perfect for active employees and retirees under the age of 65 who are not transitioning from an employer-sponsored health plan. Primary Health offers basic coverage at an affordable rate, allowing you to transition into a more advanced plan when you become eligible after three years.

When choosing a benefits plan, you need to look at what’s right for you and your dependants. Each ARTA Extended Health Care Plan offers three levels of dependant coverage. You can choose single, couple or family coverage. A spouse is an eligible dependant and can continue to receive coverage if something was to happen to the primary ARTA member. If you have over-age dependants, someone under the age of 21 who is living with you and is either attending a recognized post-secondary institution or has a disability, they are also eligible for coverage.

There are several additional benefits of being an ARTA member that will help you transition to retirement. ARTA provides regular communications through our popular news&views magazine, which is distributed quarterly to all members. The news&views magazine supports ARTA’s strategic goals, engages members, and promotes a healthy, active, and enhanced quality of life through relevant and informative articles. Members also receive ARTAfacts, a monthly email newsletter that provides important ARTA information so you can stay up to date with the organization. ARTA also offers a scholarship program for students who are related to ARTA members. These scholarships recognize academic achievement, community involvement, volunteer work, future goals and personal accomplishments.

As an ARTA member, you may participate in the Boom discount program. The Boom discount program allows you to save money by utilizing discounts on services like entertainment and recreation, travel and tour groups, hotels, car rentals, and many more. ARTA members also receive special discounted rates from ARTA’s home and auto insurance partner.

As an eligible ASET member, you are part of a select group of organizations who have been approved to become ARTA members. Becoming an ARTA member is more than a benefits plan. When you become an ARTA member you become part of an association that supports you and your family.

Welcome to ARTA!

If you qualify and want to learn more about the program or how to become an ARTA member, please visit the Health Insurance section on ASET's Insurance page, or call 1.855.212.2400.


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