ASET forward advocacy continues

15, May, 2023

It has been over a month since we launched ASET forward and we've had a tremendous response from our members. Together, we've amplified the contributions technicians and technologists make to Alberta’s workforce and we have advocated for the recognition we need and deserve. 

With the provincial election underway, now is the time to educate candidates about the importance of streamlining and modernizing Alberta’s labour legislation. This will help to ensure that no matter the outcome on 29 May, our representatives will know that our members are passionate and will work to push ASET forward

Through these crucial weeks of the official provincial election period, we are focused on sustaining our momentum and will continue to ask members to write to candidates in their riding. Every one of our members has the ability to shine a light on the importance of a legislated expanded scope of practice for P.Tech.s and an independent scope of practice for C.E.T.s. 

ASET is currently advocating for the reintroduction of the Professional Governance Act, which would provide the organization with a defined scope of practice. A scope of practice is a set of guidelines specifying the procedures that a licensed professional is authorized to undertake based on their education and experience.

This scope would instill trust in the work performed by technologists and provide members with greater autonomy within their scope. All ASET registered science and engineering technologists are highly skilled professionals who are regulated by the organization. As Alberta is undergoing an expansion of its economy and increasing demand for workers in the industry, a defined scope of practice would simplify the hiring process, reduce project costs, and eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy.

By providing clarity on the tasks and responsibilities assigned to our members, a defined scope of practice would make their skills and capabilities more marketable and accessible, which is beneficial to both our members and those who hire them. To learn more about this piece of legislation and our efforts, please visit our website.

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