ASET launches an electronic seal image service in partnership with its technology provider Notarius

15, Feb, 2023

To facilitate the use of a standardized electronic seal image, ASET is pleased to announce to all ASET digital signature subscribers that it is now making access  available to an electronic seal image via their Notarius account.

An easier process

As a result, there is no need to order an ink seal, stamp a piece of paper and scan the image. This service will make it much simpler and less expensive for members to obtain an electronic seal image.

To obtain an electronic seal image, a member just has to log into their Notarius account to upload their electronic seal image. This will automatically include the member's number.

An evolution towards a digital practice

ASET considers it extremely important to maintain academic and technical excellence and accountability among its members. This service is consistent with its commitment to ensuring public protection in high-performance digital work environments.

To this end, the association would like to remind its members that to authenticate an electronic document, it is necessary to affix a seal image, and also absolutely required to  digitally sign the document to ensure its integrity and authenticity.

The association hopes that by providing both an electronic seal image and a professional digital signature, its members can work more efficiently in high-value digital environments and contribute to their global competitiveness.

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