ASET offers pathway for tradespersons to become certified technicians

11, Oct, 2023

The tenacity and devotion of tradespersons should be acknowledged properly whenever it can be and given credentials that reflect their professionalism and ethics.

Given your membership with ASET, you’re well aware of those values, and the importance of having a symbol that proves one has them. To help people in the trades interested in adding to their professional reputations, the association has developed a pathway for them to become ASET members, through gaining Certified Technician (C.Tech.) status.

“I chose to get my C.Tech. designation to open up opportunities and participate in projects where my other credentials were not readily recognized.”
— Craig Budris, C.Tech.

If you know any tradespeople who could benefit from ASET certification, check out the informational pamphlet to learn more about it and our C.Tech. for tradespersons stream, and share it with them.

**Pathway to C.Tech.**

Like with engineering technicians and technologists over the last 60 plus years, an ASET designation can help tradespeople grow their careers in multiple directions.

“C.Tech.s understand high level operations requirements and relay that to field operations. They also perform well in both the office and the field, making them vital to our organization.”
— Ledcor Group of Companies

Besides aiding one’s career, membership with ASET offers various benefits to tradespersons. Members enjoy corporate and retail discounts, professional development opportunities, competitive insurance programs, and networking events throughout the year. They can also take part in a mentoring relationship and get the chance to either grow their skills or guide an up-and-coming tradesperson.

Given your membership, you know all about the benefits of becoming certified. That’s why you’re the perfect person to help spread the word. Tell your colleagues in the trades about the power of an ASET designation. Let them know how they can grow, both in their career and in their personal development.

“Industry recognizes that the C.Tech. certification is associated with a special skill set. The C.Tech. designation is well respected and leads to numerous opportunities to work in various sectors. I believe that hiring C.Tech. certified staff conveys the message that you employ skilled individuals who have a solid knowledge base and professional competency.”
— Chris Schollaardt , C.Tech.


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