ASET STEM Challenge pilot a success

06, Jun, 2024

ASET, in partnership with Wolf Creek Public Schools, recently held the pilot in Rimbey of what will eventually be its annual High School STEM Challenge. The event had five groups of high school students from Wolf Creek Public Schools competing to make the best rocket. The student groups each researched, designed and fabricated a nose cone, as well as created an ignition system with the proper circuitry. These materials were provided for the challenge.

With this event, ASET was motivated to create an annual high school STEM challenge that engages secondary students in a project-based competition. Participants can learn and practice skills that would support their pursuit of STEM careers. Another aim of the event is to connect educators, parents, industry representatives, and other students, and create a centralized opportunity for learning and celebrating STEM skills.


The pilot event was a success, with the students, educators and ASET staff all coming together to “launch” the STEM Challenge. After the launch, students presented on the findings of their projects. They were then evaluated by a panel of judges made up of ASET staff to determine who would come out on top. The judges based their criteria on the math and design behind the process, how high the rockets went, team reflections and presentations, and more.


The success of the event would have been impossible without the support of longtime ASET ally, The Personal Insurance Company. As with countless ASET events in the past, The Personal was there to provide the sponsorship the event required to lift off.

ASET is excited to commence plans on future events, in collaboration with other Alberta school divisions. The association and its educational partners will expand further on what the pilot featured, offering a truly multifaceted exposure to STEM for young Albertan minds.




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