01, May, 2014

Engineering began with the food producing revolution. This revolution was when man began to produce and grow his own food and hunt for animals. With the beginning of urbanization, the need for engineering increased and expanded. Roads were necessary for transportation, bridges were needed to cross rivers, and ships were needed to sail the oceans. All these needs were met by the engineers of the time.

The Industrial Revolution was a time when engineering work really tood off. It began in the early nineteenth century in Europe, where Great Britain was the leader in expanding technology. Large machines were very evident throughout the factories which were first powered by steam and then by oil and electricity. In 1859 "The Great Easterner" was built; this was a grand ship powered by steam, and it was considered to be a marvel of engineering.

The two World Wars also had a great impact on the expansion of technology. By the 1950's however technology reached a plateau, but soon afterward it took off again with a new field making the headlines, that being the space age.

It was also at this time that the Engineering Team became an integral part of engineering technology. The Engineering Technologist is a vital member of the team for he is the "middleman" who conveys and relates the technical information from the engineer to the journeyman.

Adapted from "ASET 1963-1988: The First 25 Years"
George Audley, C.E.T., edited by Karolina Hajnal

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