Technology Accreditation Canada celebrates World Accreditation Day

09, Jun, 2021

In celebration of World Accreditation Day, Technology Accreditation Canada (TAC) announces graduates of TAC national accredited programs now have recognition of their academic credentials by nine provincial certifying bodies across Canada.

Such recognition provides graduates an expedited path to earning a professional designation through certification. Certification requires meeting a high standard of academic excellence, experience in one’s field and an understanding of ethics and responsibility to an employer and the public.

“Recognition across the country is a significant benefit for graduates of TAC accredited programs”, asserts Richard Stamper, TAC Executive Director. “This enhances the value of TAC accreditation, with graduates meeting the academic requirement for certification no matter which provincial certifying body they join.”

In addition to academic credential recognition, graduates applying for the technologist designation will have met the technology report certification requirement in applicable provinces. Other benefits may include exemption from competency exams and increased work experience recognition from student work placements. Additional information about graduate recognition can be found at

“We’re very pleased all provincial certifying bodies recognize the academic credentials of graduates from TAC accredited programs”, remarks Brent Howell, Dean, School of Engineering Technology, College of North Atlantic. “As we transition our sixteen accredited programs to TAC over the next two years, this is an important benefit to our grads and to students coming into our engineering technology and applied science programs.”

TAC national program accreditation is a fair, responsive and transparent audit process, which measures an engineering technology or applied science program against the profession's national standards using a trained, qualified audit team. Accreditation involves a comprehensive audit of institutional policies, the program’s curriculum, interviews with employers of graduates, alumni, students and faculty and a tour of the programs’ labs and student support services .  In addition to determining whether a program meets the standards, the audit process provides value through the identification of best practices and opportunities for improvement.

About TAC
As the national accrediting body for the engineering technology and applied science profession, TAC is committed to partnering with educational institutions to ensure students receive the highest quality education which meets the profession’s national educational standards. For more information about TAC, visit

Richard Stamper
Executive Director
t: 416-847-1016, ext. 254

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