Desjardins Privacy Breach

21, Jun, 2019

Just a cautionary note that Desjardins, the company behind The Personal – our home and auto insurance provider – has apparently had a significant data breach, as announced on CBC. 

We have requested from The Personal any information regarding whether our members may be exposed, and how we should respond to members’ concerns should we hear any. 

Please see the news item below, and please note that the reference to members refers to members of Desjardins (a credit union).  At this stage, there is no reason to believe that customers of the Personal Home and Auto insurance are affected.

We will update you on any advice we receive.

The Desjardins announcement follows.

Barry Cavanaugh


Update, June 24, 2019
As expected and confirmed in the note below from The Personal, the Desjardins issue appears completely unconnected to individuals covered under the ASET Home and Auto Insurance Program. Full details are available by clicking on the “Desjardins Privacy Breach” link at the bottom of this page.

Response from The Personal regarding Desjardins breach 

Desjardins Privacy Breach

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