Why did Don Wilson choose to switch his home and auto insurance to The Personal?

22, Jul, 2019

Don Wilson, current president of ASET, first learned of the ASET Home and Auto Insurance program in 2015 and requested a quote shortly afterward. Execution  of insurance products, he worked with an advisor, which generated a comprehensive and personalized quote that addressed his unique insurance needs.

Why did Don make the switch? The exclusive rates reserved for ASET members made the price substantially better than he was getting through his existing provider. That, plus the helpful and thorough support are received from his advisor provided additional value and a new level of service that made his decision easy.

Dr. Wilson, like 95% of ASET member clients, has continued to renew with The Personal. Next up he will be downloading The Personal App, so he can easily access his policies and help protect his home anytime, from anywhere.

The best part, is that all ASET members have access to the same level of service on their home and vehicles.  Get a quote here or call 1-877-314-2338.

"The ASET Home and Auto Insurance Program brings value to our association."
Don Wilson, MBA, DBA, CET, MIEEE
ASET President

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