Protecting The Public

Protecting the Public

As a self-regulating professional association, ASET ensures public safety with a responsibility to guarantee the qualifications of those holding ASET titles and protect against title misuse, and the ability to exercise disciplinary and legal action to ensure competence of ASET members. 

An ASET designation shows a member has met strict national criteria for certification in their field. Under the Engineering and Geosciences Professions Act, ASET members are also accountable for public safety under the law.

If you have a concern about the conduct, behaviour or practice of an ASET member, please do not hesitate to contact the Registrar.

Self Regulating Professions

Although the provincial government remains ultimately responsible for public safety and well-being, it entrusts this responsibility to professional self-regulatory associations such as ASET. ASET’s ongoing commitment to protecting the public interest is evident in our activities, which include:
  • providing certification to qualified Members 
  • administering a complaint and discipline process 
  • promoting professional development


We benefit the public and the profession by being the premier regulator, service provider, and promoter of safe, high quality professional technology practice.


To be recognized and respected as the innovative self-regulating professional body defining the latest scope and standards of practice for a dynamic and engaged community of technology professionals. 

Strategic Priorities

ASET aims to fulfill its mission and vision through the following strategic priorities:


  1. ASET is committed to growing a proud, engaged, and professional membership.
  2. ASET technology professionals are respected by government and other professional bodies and have formal authority in regulations, codes, and standards. 
  3. ASET technology professionals are recognized and trusted by employers, other professionals, and the public as preferred technical solution providers. 
  4. ASET delivers professional development opportunities that enhance members’ ongoing adaptability, leadership, and professional competencies. 
  5. ASET technology professionals show a full appreciation for self-regulation, its benefits, and their personal responsibilities. 
  6. ASET works with government, professional organizations, and other stakeholders to advance issues of mutual interest. 
  7. ASET is innovative and adopts best practices in governance and operations.



If you have a concern about unskilled practice or unprofessional conduct of an ASET member, please complete and submit the Complaint Form to the ASET Regulatory Compliance Officer by email, or by mail at:

Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET)
1600 - 9888 Jasper Ave NW
Edmonton, AB  T5J 5C6

Please note: ASET cannot release any member information via the telephone.  All correspondence related to member information must be done by e-mail or regular mail.  ASET does not accept e-mail correspondence from generic e-mail addresses such as Yahoo and Hotmail.  We cannot ensure the authenticity of e-mail messages from these addresses.

Read Current Complaints

For more details regarding the ASET Investigation and Discipline Processes, please click the image below:


for more information please contact:

Melanie Leaf
Registrar and Director of Practice


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