Kasz Leavitt, P.Tech.(Eng.)

Kasz Leavitt, P.Tech.(Eng.)

Kasz Leavitt has taken on many roles with ASET in the past, including as a member of Council, where he sat on the governance committee. He’s currently acting as a mentor, giving guidance to T.T. members and helping those seeking a P.Tech. designation. Adding to his ASET roles, he’s had a turn on the TAC Governance and Audit Council. There, he assisted with giving second level reviews at institutions and colleges.

If elected back into a Council position, Kasz will support ASET members by making sure they are heard, and that their voices matter. He holds that this approach is key to maintaining the association’s relevance and usefulness to the members, the public and the modern realities of engineering technology. Emphasizing strong Council-membership relations will boost the camaraderie so integral to a healthy profession, and reveal new ways to benefit each other, according to Kasz.

Additionally, Kasz will work to increase certification through knowledge. This will entail making it as clear as possible to prospective members what a certified technologist is and does, and the benefits they can receive. A keystone of this plan is to pass the definition of a certified engineering technologist through Alberta legislation; the result will leave no questions as to the exact definition of the technologist.

Kasz has fourteen years of experience in materials testing. His responsibilities at work include coordinating testing services, training, managing and supervising materials testing staff, and ensuring testing is done in conformance with applicable specifications and CCIL standards. He performs a wide range of lab and field testing, including standard soil index testing, aggregates, concrete testing and asphalt testing. He also holds a radiation safety officer position and is responsible for the implementation and review of MPE’s radiation safety program. He ensures that applicable rules, regulations and licenses conditions are met, and helps train MPE’s nuclear energy workers.

Adding to his volunteerism with ASET and TAC, Kasz is a leader in his community. He has volunteered in the past as a scout leader in Lethbridge, which involved helping scouts achieve their goals and learn invaluable life skills. He currently volunteers at his kids’ schools, and is leading a fundraiser for two schools.

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