Corey Klimchuk, B.Tech., C.E.T.

Corey Klimchuk, B.Tech., C.E.T.

Starting his career as a technologist in 2009, Corey Klimchuk enrolled at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). After completing the Geological Technology program with a Geo-Environmental specialization, he went on to complete NAIT’s Bachelor of Technology in Technology Management program.

Corey started working as a hydrogeological technologist at a groundwater consulting firm in 2012 before joining Pinchin Ltd. (Pinchin) in 2014. Pinchin is a national environmental, health and safety, and building science consulting firm that stands as a leader in many disciplines across Canada. Since then, he has grown from a successful technologist, project manager and business development manager to his current position as Senior Client Manager at Pinchin.

Appointed to the Alberta Safety Codes Council (SCC), Building Sub-Council in 2018 representing the Building Owners and Managers Association, Corey is currently the vice-chair north and acts as liaison to the fire and barrier free sub-councils.

“Volunteering with both the SCC and ASET Council, and seeing the positive effect even a single voice can have, has helped inspire me to join ASET’s executive, as I want to help further build the organization and strengthen its recognition in industry,” Corey says.

Corey is completing his term as an ASET Councillor, and during the last two years has been involved in several ASET committees, being the chair of both the audit committee and governance committee, as well as a participant in the strategic committee in 2020.

When approached about running for ASET executive, Corey realized that his skills, drive, and determination could be valuable to the organization’s future.

“We are at a time in Alberta when many professional organizations, not just ASET, are looking for legislative changes. This is an opportunity to further recognize the decades of growth and professionalism technologists have brought to Alberta’s workforce and economy,” Corey says.

“It is time that the professional contributions of all types of technologists are adequately recognized in legislation, and that all technologists have available the right to work independently as professionals in their respective fields,” he says.

“I believe that science and engineering technologists are an essential component in Alberta’s, and Canada’s, workforce, and need to be strongly supported by legislation, other professional organizations and ASET itself.”

Corey is a strong advocate for lifelong learning, diversity, and inclusivity. He would like ASET to continue building on the strategic framework that has been implemented in the last two years. He’d also like to focus on a growth strategy that is inclusive and diverse, which he believes is necessary for a strong and healthy professional workforce in Alberta and the future growth of ASET itself.

Corey has continued to support NAIT outside of his education and has been a member of the NAIT Geological Technology Advisory Committee since 2017, supporting the program through its Technology Accreditation Canada certification assessment in 2018.

Working with many professionals who have come to Canada for a better life, Corey has seen firsthand the challenges these professionals can face when entering Canada’s workforce.

“It can be difficult to get recognition for one’s credentials and education from outside of Canada,” states Corey. “However, I believe that there is a way to be inclusive and welcoming while also maintaining a high standard for competency and ability for science and technology professionals.”

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