Greg Widmeyer, C.E.T.

Greg Widmeyer, C.E.T.

Greg Widmeyer has operated as a certified engineering technologist (C.E.T.) for the past eight years, and has worked in information technology in the architecture/engineering/construction (AEC) industry even longer than that, for 12 years. During this period, he’s worked alongside C.E.T.s and engineers in various disciplines.

Currently Greg works for the Canadian design firm DIALOG. The firm has studios in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto and San Francisco, and Greg manages the company’s server infrastructure and enterprise applications. He leads technical staff to improve everything they work on through best practices and secure procedures.

Given the breakneck speed of technological evolution, Greg recognizes the importance of retaining currency. For that reason, he’s gone back to school to update his expertise. 

“It seems cliché to talk about the rate of change in technology, but to stay current I’ve achieved a computer engineering diploma through SAIT, a bachelor of computer science through Athabasca University, and I’m in the final stages of a master of computer science at Athabasca,” he says.

In addition to schooling, Greg regularly attends seminars, webinars and anything else to retain an edge and keep pace with the changing landscape. 

In the eight years since his accreditation, Greg has demonstrated himself to be an active and invested member of the ASET community. He has worked on the Board of Examiners, volunteering on the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) and serving as a subject matter expert on all matters IT. The association utilized this expertise to improve IT accreditation and define a manager accreditation program. 

Greg is currently serving on the council for a two-year term. During this time he’s been involved in committees and worked towards strengthening ASET and furthering its mission. 

He aims to accomplish this goal by using ASET’s position as a common ground between schools, government and businesses to help all three stay up-to-date in knowledge and practice. From his experience with the architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) industry, Greg sees a need for upgrading of processes that have so far remained traditional. 

Greg plans to have ASET work alongside post-secondary institutions to update curriculum to reflect the newest developments and changes in industry. Additionally, he’d like for the association to directly offer more training so that members and businesses are prepared for any future disruptions in their fields. 

“Many are learning applicable programming languages to support advancements in their field - finding ways of creating competitive advantage for their organization, and for themselves,” Greg says. “Those who are not keeping pace with the changes will experience issues finding work as more companies embrace and plan for change.” 

For Greg, strength comes from preparation. He knows that technologies like artificial intelligence will cause major disruptions. 

“With my experience in an industry heavily represented by ASET members, and knowledge in the fundamental technology systems that power all of our professionals to complete their respective work, I will well represent ASET members and work to keep ASET current in a changing landscape,” Greg says.

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