Jeremy Charlesworth, C.E.T.

Jeremy Charlesworth, C.E.T.

Jeremy Charlesworth grew up in the booming metropolis of Welling, Alberta. He started his career as a summer labourer for the City of Lethbridge while working on his mechanical engineering technology diploma from SAIT Polytechnic. After graduation he had a brief stint in oil and gas before returning to the City of Lethbridge. While there he worked his way from inspecting new subdivisions to his current role as water and wastewater project technologist.

In this position he combines his technical knowledge with his experience as a labourer to deliver strong results. He’s responsible for analyzing the water, wastewater and Stormwater system in Lethbridge for deficiencies, and determining the best method for solving problems. He then manages the projects that lead to hiring consultants and contractors to complete them.

A fan of lifelong learning, he has also received the asset management professional certificate from IPWEA, and project management certificate from Lethbridge College. By staying up to date on new technologies and methods he has successfully optimized the City of Lethbridge’s sewer and water main renewals, allowing for more replacement with the same budget.

“ASET requiring continuing professional development is fantastic, and is a great way to set our members apart from nonmembers,” he says. He hopes to bring his previous board experience as president of the Magrath Curling Club to ASET.

Jeremy knows the issues well that are facing ASET and its membership. On what he’d like to work through and accomplish while on Council, he had this to say:

“The main issue currently facing ASET members is the COVID-19 pandemic. For those of us fortunate enough to still be working, how we work has drastically changed. As we move out of the pandemic, technologists will need ASET’s support to help lead our economic recovery.

While ASET has done a fantastic job of explaining the benefits of certified engineering technologists and certified technologists to the public and employers, more advocacy is always beneficial, especially with the P.Tech. designation. My goal is to bring the C.E.T., C.Tech. and P.Tech. designations to the same level of public awareness as the P.Eng. designation. I would like to see employers recognize the benefits these designations provide and make them a requirement for job positions.

Continuing to work with APEGA and the provincial government to modernize the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act to include a scope of practice for C.E.T.s, and expanding the scope of practice for P.Tech.s will increase both public awareness and our membership numbers. This will also provide more benefits for our members. ASET members are highly skilled, and having a legally defined scope of practice would bring more prestige and meaning to our titles.

I would also like to have an expanded program to help technologists-in-training with their certification. While I was fortunate to have multiple C.E.T.s working with me that gave their assistance, others may not have that opportunity. Offering support to T.T.s on their journey to certification would greatly help enrolment, and could start while they’re in school. Working with Technology Accreditation Canada and post-secondary institutions to integrate curriculum involving the Professional Practice Exam, and offering a mentorship program to students would help in this matter.”

In his free time, Jeremy enjoys golfing and curling, along with camping, driving his quad and hiking with his wife and puppy.

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