John Truong, C.E.T.

John Truong, C.E.T.

John Truong received his diploma in electrical engineering technology from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) and currently works as an application specialist at Siemens. As well as being a C.E.T. with ASET, he’s a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

An advocate of hands-on, inquiry based learning, John also uses his strong interpersonal skills to help find solutions to objectives. His friendly personality makes him approachable and easy to talk to, which helps with both networking and developing stronger, longer-lasting relationships.

John hopes to put these skills to good use as a member of the ASET Council. On how he’d like to strengthen the association, his main goal would be to make as clear as possible all of the benefits that membership offers.

“People I know have told me before that the cost has always been a factor in maintaining their ASET certification. Some have told me that their membership doesn’t help with their career, and I beg to differ,” John says.

“How to get the most out of the ASET membership for new and current members, and how to ensure members want to stay with ASET” is where John would like to start.

“One of the things I would want to achieve is to find a better and easier way to explain the benefits available for ASET members,” he says.

“There are many benefits available but not all are very forthcoming when you don’t look for them. The most important ones are the most obvious ones that most overlook.”

Of advantages that potential members might not see, John points to “the opportunity for technologists to expand their networking circle and meet some incredible people. This can be done by taking the opportunity to attend some of the events, training programs, technical seminars, getting involved as a volunteer and more.”

Something else John believes should get more limelight is ASET’s mentorship program.

“I personally have utilized the mentor and mentee program on two separate occasions, and they worked out well,” he says. While the current unavailability of in-person meeting opportunities presents a challenge, John has some ideas to foster more networking capability.

“Ideally meeting in person would be the best scenario, but with our current pandemic situation it is very difficult to meet people in person. Therefore communication is very important via video conferencing, voice chat or even messaging,” he says.

“It would great to have some online social events where we can have groups of people, to socialize and network with the Council or other members. This could possibly lead to some good brainstorming for some new innovating and development of ideas.”

John has a passion for trying new foods and travelling the world. He always has amazing stories and experiences to share with everyone he meets. In addition, his eye for details helps him to coordinate social events, such as badminton matches, game nights and other group outings.

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