Kasz Leavitt, P.Tech.(Eng.)

Kasz Leavitt, P.Tech.(Eng.) 

Kasz Leavitt obtained his associate’s degree in civil engineering from Lethbridge College in 2009. As soon as he’d graduated, he began working at MPE Engineering as a materials testing technologist. 

Now a laboratory manager at the firm, he oversees the material testing program. In his additional role of radiation safety officer, he makes sure radiation safety standards are met, and MPE’s nuclear energy workers are properly trained.

In this role, Kasz is responsible for training, managing and supervising the program’s staff, and making sure that testing follows proper rules and regulations. He also performs work arranging for lab certification.

Kasz has quite literally set the foundation for roadwork across Alberta. His contributions include paving, waste way and concrete re-servicing projects, where he tested the integrity of building materials to ensure they met industry specifications. 

From this commitment to regulation, Kasz is undoubtedly a proponent of doing things the right way, both for himself, the people working under him and members of the association. He understands how important it is to maintain these rules, and further define them to avoid misunderstanding. 

Kasz knows that an association becomes stronger with friends in high places. For that reason, he wants to build up the association’s bonds. 

“If elected I would like to help bring ASET to where the members want it to be and where it should be for the people of tomorrow,” Kasz says. “I want to help strengthen the relationships with engineers and technologists. It is important to create bonds within our industry and government.” 

It’s also important that new association members and recently graduated technologists understand the value that certification brings. Part of that value comes from showing the newly certified members that the association is listening.

“My personal goals being on ASET council would be to ensure our members' voices are heard,” Kasz says. “The future of ASET is with the new members and graduates.  I want these new members to feel welcome and to understand how ASET can benefit them.” 

Additionally, Kasz would work to help the association keep pace with the changing technological innovation of the industry to which our members belong. 

Kasz is no stranger to volunteering for ASET. He’s served as a Councillor in past years, and in that time chaired the governance committee within the Council.

His volunteerism extends to ASET’s federal counterpart, Technology Accreditation Canada (TAC). Within TAC he serves on the governance and audit council, assisting with second level reviews to institutes and colleges. Kasz was in fact one of the players behind the creation of the reviews. These are enacted to make sure any new or revised accreditation documentation goes through proper channels.

On top of these two volunteer positions, Kasz also volunteers in his local scout troop, and other youth groups in his area.

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