Kevin Whelan, C.E.T., PMP, CACE, CSM

Kevin Whelan, C.E.T., PMP, CACE, CSM

Originally from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Kevin Whelan became a student at NAIT in 1990 and immediately joined ASET as a student member.His career has taken him across the country. His first stop was to Calgary through a work transfer. In 1998, because of the downturn, he went to Waterloo, Ontario where he served as a manufacturing engineer in an auto parts plant. He returned to Alberta two years later, jumping back into both the oil patch and academics.

Over the next decade he earned two certificates from NAIT: project management and lean manufacturing. He also picked one up from the University of Alberta, for adult and continuing education. Kevin didn’t waste time before applying what he had learned in school, obtaining his lean certification from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME).

His 25-year career has had him fill a diverse range of roles. In the oilfield, Kevin has performed equipment design, application engineering and field service supervision and management. He has also worked in automotive manufacturing engineering, domestic and international project management, domestic and international development of employee training programs, and sales. Finally, he’s helped develop training courses at NAIT.

These contributions, alongside Kevin’s wealth of industry experience, led to a full time position at NAIT teaching in the Productivity Enhancement Services (PES) group. A fitting place, given his graduation from that same program 18 years ago.

Kevin says his professional certification has markedly aided his success. “Industry recognition of my C.E.T. opened many doors over the years,” he says.

“It has afforded me many good opportunities despite the ups and downs of the Alberta economy. I truly believe that, if not for ASET, technicians and technologists may not be considered by industry to be the professionals we are.”

Kevin would like to take the benefit he has found in certification and give it back to the members. His specific strategies will centre on giving members the proper tools they need to strengthen themselves.

“Access to strong leadership training for members to advance their careers” is what Kevin has in mind. Additionally, he’d like to “champion new and innovative ways for members to save money.”

Kevin says these measures all add up to a few essential goals: “Safeguard the public interest. Add value for all ASET members. Give all members even more reason to choose ASET membership and to stick with it.”

These words firmly reflect the mission of the association. Given Kevin’s current position as first vice president, and his 30 year membership commemoration this past year, that only makes sense.

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