Norman Villeneuve, C.E.T., PMP

Norman Villeneuve, C.E.T., PMP

Norm has over 32 years of experience as a technologist, and currently works at Associated Engineering. With his background in architectural technology, he performs architectural, structural, industrial projects and project management for a range of clients.

In his time as a project manager, Norm has taken on duties of contract document preparation, preliminary and detailed design, project management, and obtaining regulatory approvals. Norm is known for his managerial work in industrial projects, and for his design knowledge of buildings and industrial processes. He’s played a significant role in various projects as a resident engineer, designer, coordinator and project manager.

With almost 32 years of experience as a C.E.T. in Alberta working with fellow technologists, engineers, architects and project managers, Norm brings a multifaceted perspective of operating in harmony with other regulated professions. As a project manager, he uses his extensive expertise to integrate the work of technologists and other professionals. Given the role of the ASET Council in dealing with a myriad of issues, as a Councillor Norm sees the need to plan and prioritize the key issues affecting the profession. These include self-regulation and an expanded scope of practice.

As a born-and-bred Albertan, Norm has intimate knowledge of the market forces affecting the economy in the province. This drives his commitment to continue helping the profession adapt to stay current.

“The most important issue affecting ASET today is our continued efforts to maintain self-regulation and improve the association’s value to its members,” Norm says.

“Technologists are imbedded into every area of industry: industrial construction, oil and gas, mining, residential and commercial, et cetera, and it is the job of ASET to ensure self-regulation continues,” he says.

Another prominent issue Norm has his sites on is the need to expand the scope of practice for technology professionals.

“Increasingly, technologists are called on to run projects or operations, because of their great wealth of knowledge and experience, and ASET is doing a great job of defining this scope. But with great power comes great responsibility,” Norm says.

“I am a strong supporter of proving we can expand our scope of practice and at the same time absorb the required liability exposure that comes with it. I think that being a Councillor of ASET will allow me to lend my skills while working closely with self-regulation and an expanded scope of practice, both essential to our success.”

Norm lives in Edmonton with his wife and their three children. Their oldest is in University, the middle one is in high school and the youngest is in elementary. His wife teaches engineering and is currently a Councillor with APEGA.

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