Raf Tenderenda, B.Tech, P.Tech.(Eng.), PMP, MBA

Raf Tenderenda, B.Tech, P.Tech.(Eng.), PMP, MBA

Raf Tenderenda‘s extensive education started when he graduated from NAIT’s civil engineering technology program. He next received his bachelor’s degree in technology from Memorial University and recently earned an MBA.  

Raf began his career working as an engineering technologist for the City of Edmonton, soon moving up the ranks to project management and operations management. He joined Granite Construction to expand his skills further and utilize his drainage experience from a new viewpoint. Additionally, Raf started his own engineering and consulting firm at the start of 2020 to bring his knowledge and expertise to new businesses. 

Raf’s relationship with ASET stretches back to 2003 when he was a student at NAIT. He went on to receive his professional technologist designation (P.Tech.(Eng.)) in 2014. 

In 2018 Raf won the ASET technologist of the year award. Raf was selected for the award for his technical expertise. This included providing an effective and unique solution to eliminating inflow/infiltration (I/I) coming into sanitary manholes. He was also selected because of his commitment to the association principles, his contributions to up-and-coming technologists and his countless hours of volunteer work.

No stranger to giving his spare time to ASET, Raf also participates in the mentorship program, helping young technologists find their footing in the field. Raf is additionally a member of ASET’s investigation committee and was previously a Chair. Raf volunteered as director of the City of Edmonton Management Association (CEMA) and in the 2016 Fort McMurray wildfire relief efforts. On top of it all, Raf also mentors new Canadians for the Edmonton Region Employment Immigration Council.

The lessons Raf has gained from his collective work and volunteer experience in different communities and associations make him a prime candidate for the Councilor position. 

Raf tells us: “My collaboration, work ethic, emotional intelligence and leadership skills will help me service my role as an ASET Councillor.”

 “I’ve been an ASET member since 2003 and I have seen my career grow alongside ASET’s growth. I’m aware that there is a decline in ASET’s membership enrolment and I believe, if elected, I would be able to provide several great ideas on how ASET would be able to provide more value to their membership though several mechanisms.”

“I would like to focus on giving more value to members by providing more services, such as more networking events, expanding employee discounts and continual education seminars that focus on innovation and technology.”

“Regarding my personal goal as a council member,” Raf says, “I would like to create a united voice for ASET through a collaborative and productive Council that will be able to grow ASET's influence and reputation in the years to come.” 

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