Ray Wilkinson, C.E.T.

Ray Wilkinson, C.E.T.

Ray Wilkinson is a native Albertan. He’s spent much of his life and career in Western Canada and the Canadian arctic. Ray collected trades tickets like baseball cards. He earned his steamfitter/pipefitter, plumber and gasfitter tickets through the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). And then graduated from NAIT as a building construction engineering technologist in 1988.

Ray’s interest and curiosity in nature and science was inherited from his father, a carpenter and later entomology technician for the Canadian Forest Service.

“I always loved building things,” Ray says, ““but I learned that I could design and plan the construction better than I could build it. All those drawings, plans, documents and specifications made sense.”

Ray’s been an independent contractor since graduation, operating Wilkinson Western Project Management, Ltd., for over 32 years. There, he specializes in piping, pressure piping and pipelines through construction project management, supervision and quality assurance services.

He was encouraged early on by engineers and other technologists to pursue the ASET certification. Consequently, he has proudly held the C.E.T. designation since 1992, noting that, “I have experienced many occasions when my C.E.T. added value to my professional findings, observations or reports.”

ASET staff took note of Ray’s merit when he was a member of the Board of Examiners. They suggested he run for Council. His interest was piqued so he threw his hat into the Council elections. He doesn’t regret it one bit.

“It is a rewarding feeling to be able to participate with the other Council members in the continued growth and development of our professional organization,” Ray says. In his time as a Councillor (and his current position as First Vice President) Ray has seen firsthand the commitment it takes to keep an organization like ASET on track. That said, there is much left to be accomplished and he plans to stick around for a while yet.

Ray says in addition to the standard responsibilities of the President position, he wants to accomplish even more.

Among his plans, Ray would like to help develop both the next five year plan for the association, and a more robust and fair CEO evaluation tool for the Executive Committee.

Ray would also implement annual governance training for ASET Councillors and committees representing Council. Additionally he’d set up more meetings with ASET technicians and technologists across the province. In line with the association’s recent efforts, Ray ultimately believes in “promoting wherever I can the right to a scope of practice for ASET’s technicians and technologists.”

“It looks like I will have a busy year ahead,” Ray says.

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