Terry Mueller, P.Tech. (Eng), P.L. Eng, IWT

Terry Mueller, P.Tech. (Eng), P.L. Eng, IWT

Terry Mueller has over 20 years of experience working in the technology sector of Western Canada. He received his welding engineering technology diploma in welding, quality control and assurance from SAIT in 1992. Terry is a P.Tech. (Eng.) with ASET, and P.L. (Eng.) with APEGA, and has full international welding engineering technologist status with the International Institute of Welding.

After graduating from SAIT, he worked as a quality control inspector at TIW Western Inc., where he conducted inspections for the largest steam generation project in the company’s history. At the same time, he acted as the chairman of the safety committee for the entire operation, which led to a reduction of lost-time accidents over a two-year time span.

He next took on the role of quality manager at Hanover Maloney, where he developed a series of welding processes which were the first of their kind to be seen in Western Canada. One of these processes was the development of metal cored arc welding, with impacts down to -49 F.

In the time since, he is worked as the senior inspector/coordinator (welding consultant) at Colt Engineering Ltd., Senior QC/QA inspection coordinator (welding specialist) at Jacobs Engineering Ltd., senior staff technologist (welding/materials), lead QC/QA coordinator at Cenovus Energy, and senior welding engineer technologist/SME (welding/fabrication) at TC Energy.

Adding to an illustrious career in welding technology, Terry has been involved on multiple committees and boards over the years. He’s served on the Alberta Welding Optimization Committee (AWOC) and sat as co-chairman for welding at the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association. This involvement has extended to ASET, where Terry volunteered as a member of the ASET/APEGA Joint Board of Examiners P.Tech. (Eng.) selection committee for ten years.

If elected to a Councillor role, Terry would like to make sure only the most trained and qualified people can use the title of technologist.

“There is a misdemeanor in society where tradespersons or technicians can be called ‘technologists’ within their place of employment. This is not in the best interest of public safety and confidence. I will help make this change happen,” Terry says.

“When someone is granted a C.E.T. or a P. Tech. (Eng.), it gives society the level of confidence that the person has the adequate training and proper education to make sound engineering decisions. This statement is paramount, as it is our job as a society to protect the public interest at all times. The title of technologist is just as important as that of engineer and should be treated as such,” he holds.

“Yes, the title ‘engineering technologist’ can only be used by members of ASET, but can society tell the difference between an engineering technologist and a technologist? The answer is clearly no, but we need to educate, and to ensure our rightful place in engineering society.”

With this endeavour in mind, Terry believes the Council could strengthen ASET’s footing within the province.

“With my experience on numerous committees, both domestic and internationally, I can be an asset to any council. Action is required at this time and I can be the person to fulfil this role,” he says.

Terry is a strong believer in continual professional development. He is bilingual, speaking both English and German fluently.

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