Tylor Ell, C.E.T.

Tylor Ell, C.E.T.

Tylor is a graduate of construction engineering from NAIT, and has been a member of ASET since 2008. With 15 years of working on projects across Alberta, primarily in oil and gas, he has learned the importance of effective leadership and resilience.

Tylor is a specialist in his industry and a generalist in nature. He has worked across many areas in the construction industry, building pipelines and processing facilities while supporting construction execution, engineering and design, and taking a frontline approach to safety.

Continuous improvement, mentorship and sustainability are the core foundations that Tylor lives by in both his professional and personal life. He believes organizations like ASET can provide a great deal of guidance to people who need it.

“Being certified doesn’t need to be another designation, nor should it be. People can use it as a cornerstone to provide guidance and support when they need it most. I want employers to view members as versatile, resilient growth opportunities they can invest in,” Tylor says.

A part of growing is learning about yourself and taking on new hobbies, Tylor believes. “I traveled across many countries and found that I would benefit most when I put myself in a position of discomfort. It may sound bizarre but doing something different and finding that you really like it, especially if you anticipate it being awful, is very rewarding.”

Tylor holds that ASET members have a tremendous opportunity to showcase themselves in a rapidly changing environment.

“Ideas that may have been laughed out the door are now being considered. Open-mindedness, resilience and humility will be key in successfully executing the changes that are needed to accommodate the new world,” he says. “I want ASET members to be viewed as the pioneers for developing and executing these changes.”

Tylor believes Alberta is midway through an evolution that started five years ago, which will continue for the next decade. On his goals if elected Councillor, Tylor aims to shape Alberta as the hub for innovation, opportunity and diversity.

“Energy, manufacturing, finance, education and research, healthcare, and the arts will be the building blocks for a truly diverse economy, and will allow people to participate in different industries across the entire province”, Tylor says. “Alberta needs support in navigating this evolution of change, and ensuring that we invest in the people to work in markets that will be around for the long term,” he says.

“Training workers for a future that will be in place 30 years from now is important, in that ASET members can be a crutch for businesses to lean on for expertise and most importantly, vision,” he explains. “Doing the same thing and hoping for change will likely result in an undesirable effect. Alberta has all the tools at its disposal to ensure a more desired result is achieved.”

To achieve this desired effect, Tylor breaks down his strategy step by step:

  • Focus on educating the public about what technologists in Alberta do well, and why we do it; highlight Alberta’s accomplishments and how they compare to other nations globally; and emphasize how technologists contribute to Alberta’s current and future success. This will provide insight on ASET’s relevance and necessity in a rapidly changing economic environment.
  • Have ASET continue to team up with institutions to provide training for future markets (data analytics, program development, leadership, mentorship); and encourage members to cross-train to build a better understanding of how they can evolve in their roles and/or scale their business.
  • Provide members with information on entrepreneurship and opportunities where they can contribute to their community (Rainforest Alberta, The Next 30, etc.).

Outside of work, you can find Tylor biking in the river valley, performing improv at the Grindstone Theatre or salsa dancing at Etown Salsa.

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