ASET Career Centre

ASET Career Centre

ASET has developed an online job board for members and employers called the ASET Career Centre. Exclusive to ASET members, members can browse current job postings, and upload their profile and resume absolutely FREE!


As the ASET Career Centre is for members only, you can be sure you are directly reaching your target employee base when advertising your job postings. You can also search current profiles to see if there's the right candidate for you. Plus, ASET sends a bi-weekly electronic newsletter bringing your job postings directly to the members' email.


Salary Survey

Whether you are a member of The Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET), an employer or recruiter, or perhaps a student or future technology professional, you will find valuable information in ASET’s Annual Salary Survey. The user feedback provides a realistic snapshot of actual income levels and is a valuable compliment to the salary information that the government and overall industry collects yearly.

Every year, ASET requests members complete a salary survey to gather data for industry members. The questions range from annual income figures and details about the individual’s professional demographic, to years of experience and overall industry retention.

The ASET Salary Survey includes summaries of income data as an appraisal of average remuneration for technicians and technologists in Alberta and in the Canadian Territories.

ASET is now accepting compensation data from 2023 for the Salary Survey.

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