The Stakeholder Relations department works with elected and department officials at the municipal, provincial and federal levels of government to advocate and lobby issues on behalf of ASET.
The Director builds relationships with business and industrial associations whose issues align with ASET members.
Current initiatives include raising awareness of ASET with municipalities, amending provincial codes and standards to include the professional technologists legal right to practice engineering independently within a scope of practice. A longer term project is the Legislative Review of the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act, which is shared with APEGA. 

With Companies

Want to learn about ASET?

Want a better understanding of our programs and services?

Would you like a better understanding of ASET designations?

Our Corporate Relations Department would enjoy the opportunity to meet you and your colleagues and answer all your questions.
Challenge: We’re a small outfit
There is no such thing as too big or too small. Ideally we’d like to at least four or five staff members, but other than that, anything goes.  If the group is a bit big, we’ll split it up into manageable chunks and do more than one session.

Challenge: We can’t afford to bring you in
The sessions are free.  That’s right.  Lunch is on us.

Challenge: Our technicians and technologists work shifts
Awesome. We love 2:00 a.m. lunches. (Seriously, this is about what works for you.  If that means we have to be creative with the schedule, we’ll work with you to make it happen.)

Challenge: Most of our technicians and technologists aren’t ASET members
Great.  We’d love to meet them and explain the value of an ASET membership while outlining the outstanding career options that accrue from certification.  We enjoy sitting down with technicians and technologists and making sure they understand what ASET is all about and the opportunities we can provide.

Challenge: Most of our technicians and technologists are already ASET members
See above! (That means we’d still love to join you for lunch or coffee and a quick chat.)

How do we book a session?
It’s easy; just contact the Programs & Services Department at

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