'Levelled the playing field': Alberta regulator puts immigrant engineers on equal ground

Divyesh Kumar Patel was a professional chemical engineer with nine years experience working for a massive, multinational firm. But when he moved from India to Edmonton in 2015, his applications for engineering jobs went unanswered. "Some positions I could see that the job description was exactly the same as what I did, but I wasn't getting the calls. So it's quite frustrating," he told CBC's Radio Active. Employers, Patel says, didn't recognize his Indian experience and credentials. He eventually accepted a job as a machine operator with a pet food manufacturer while he looked for ways to bolster his resumé. That's when he found the Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET), a not-for-profit that oversees engineering technologists and technicians in Alberta.
CBC Edmonton
Yahoo News Canada

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