Former Red Deer College students awarded for green energy project

A former team of Red Deer College engineering technology students recently took home an award for modernizing a centuries-old device and transforming it into a source of renewable energy. For their end-of-term Capstone Project, Tyler Podgorenko, Michael Nosterud, Spencer Otto and James Greenough took the ram pump to the next level by adding a turbine in the form of a Pelton wheel, which can be used to extract energy from the impulse of flowing water and generate clean electricity.
Red Deer Advocate

Lethbridge College grads recognized for project aimed at greener roads

A trio of former Lethbridge College students are being recognized for a Capstone Project centering on a sustainable idea: what if the tires on our cars could eventually be recycled into the roads they previously rolled on?
Tire and Rubber Association of Canada (TRAC)

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