Certified Technician (C.Tech.)

If your experience is more aligned with the certified engineering technologist requirements, please click here to be directed to the C.E.T. webpage.


Certified Technician (C.Tech.) membership helps to enhance your credibility, network, and professional recognition. 

A C.Tech. is an applied science, information, or engineering technology professional who performs routine technical procedures with occasional direct supervision and who may assume limited responsibility for any decision-making process.

To qualify for C.Tech. membership, applicants must: 

  • be graduates of a technical certificate or program within applied science, information or engineering/geoscience technology
  • have at least two years of technical work experience; and
  • work or be seeking work in Alberta or the Northwest Territories.

Note: If your education is TAC-accredited, you are not required to complete an academic assessment. Applicants for C.Tech. may contact registration@aset.ab.ca before applying to confirm program eligibility.

If working or seeking work outside of Alberta or the Northwest Territories, applicants should contact their provincial technology association to inquire about membership options. 

If you are not a program graduate, please refer to our Non-Graduate page for application information.


A Journeyperson, including Red Seal Certified, in accordance with the Designated Trades and Restricted Activities Regulations in Alberta, engages in restricted activities (tasks or functions that a tradesperson performs as part of a designated trade) that require authorization to perform. Alberta is proud to have more than 50 designated trades, spanning many industries including mechanical, electrical, manufacturing, building and service. 

ASET’s certified designations allow those holding a journeyperson certificate within a discipline of applied science, information or engineering/geoscience technology to further demonstrate their gained competencies and theoretical knowledge; perform routine technical procedures with occasional direct supervision; and assume limited responsibility for any decision-making process.

Military Personnel

ASET is proud to provide a path for active/former members/officers of the Canadian Armed Forces who have gained competencies and theoretical knowledge within an applied science, information, or engineering/geoscience technology discipline. These members are valuable in contributing to the development of trades and skilled workforce to support the economic progress of the province.

Veterans from the Canadian Armed Forces or members of the Supplementary Reserve may be eligible to receive funding for the fees associated with our application via the Education and Training Benefit (ETB). See the overview of this benefit on the ETB Fact Sheet.

Application Process

Please download the Certification Handbook for complete information on the application and assessment process.

Please Note: Your application will not be reviewed by the Board of Examiners until all application documents (including exam requirements) have been submitted. Once submitted, the average time for review is four – six months.

Fees and Dues


Fees Amount
Application Fee $310*
ASET Professional Practice Exam Fee $252*
Annual Membership Dues $405*

*Please be advised that application fees, exam fees, and annual membership dues are non-refundable.


For more information about reclassification from C.Tech. to C.E.T., please refer to the Reclassification page.

For more information about reinstatement of C.Tech. membership, please refer to the Reinstatement page.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Can I use my journeyperson certificate to apply for C.Tech.?

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Q: I have a military background. Can I apply for C.Tech.?

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Q: Do the professional references required for the application need to have an ASET designation?

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Q: What if I am unable to contact the supervisory reference (who has signed my competency summary and job description) to sign the reference form?

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Q: Can I apply for certification using my international education?

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Q: How do I know if I should apply for C.Tech. or C.E.T.?

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Q: How long does the certification process take?

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Q: I just submitted my competency summary logbook and now my portal is locked. Why?

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Q: Can multiple projects be used to demonstrate competencies?

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Q: I have paid my T.T. membership dues for this year; will I need to pay full C.E.T. dues when I am certified?

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Competency Summary

One of the key application documents required for certification is the Competency Summary, a point-form description of an applicant’s work experience in relation to six key competencies.

Reviewing the summary for your discipline of practice will assist the Board of Examiners in determining your level of experience and qualifications. 

Instructions for completing the report are included within the document and a sample summary is available for review.

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