Reclassification to CET

Reclassification to C.E.T.

C.Tech. to C.E.T.

C.Tech. members who have obtained the necessary qualifications for technologist-level certification may apply for C.E.T. reclassification according to the guidelines outlined below.  All requests for reclassification are reviewed by the ASET Board of Examiners.


Fees Amount
Application Fee $310*
ASET Professional Practice Exam Fee $252*
Certification Exam Fee (if applicable) $252*

*Please be advised that application and exam fees are non-refundable.

I. Members Applying Within One Year of C.Tech. Certification:

  1. Provide additional application information according to decision letter from the ASET Board of Examiners*

*Applicants are provided with a period of one year in which to reclassify without a reclassification fee


II. Members Applying After One Year of C.Tech. Certification:

  1. Submit the Reclassification Application Form to
    • If you are not a graduate of a technical program and have not previously submitted a portfolio or a reclassification program assigned by the Board of Examiners, complete a Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition.
  2. Demonstrate equivalency to a TAC-accredited two-year technologist diploma program by passing the ASET Certification Exam.
  3. Email documentation currently required for C.E.T. applicants (excluding resubmission of any transcripts or foreign credential assessments on file with ASET.
  4. Pass the ASET Professional Practice Exam (PPE) (for members who have not written a PPE, or who wrote the ASET PPE prior to May 2015).

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