Technician/Technologist-in-Training (T.T.) Membership provides technical graduates with the resources necessary to advance their careers and work towards certification.

To qualify for T.T. membership applicants must: 

  • Be graduates of a technical program,
  • Have less than two years of technical work experience, and
  • Work or be seeking work in Alberta or the Northwest Territories

If working or seeking work outside of Alberta or the Northwest Territories, applicants should contact their provincial technology association to inquire about membership options.

The maximum term for T.T. membership is four years. T.T. members who require an extension may contact registration@aset.ab.ca.

Fees and Dues

Fees Amount
Application Fee FREE
Annual Membership Dues $150

Application Process

Competency Summary

T.T. members are encouraged to download the competency summary in their discipline of practice and begin tracking relevant work experience. This preparation provides T.T. members with a comprehensive experience record for their future certification application.

The competency summary is one of the key application components for certification. It is a point-form description of an applicant’s work experience in relation to six key competencies. 

Instructions for completing the report are included within the document and a sample summary is available for review.

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