Complaints Summary

Complaint Summary

February 12, 2018 - A complaint against a C.E.T. member was initiated by a member of the public in March 2017 for unprofessional conduct, alleging that the member forged a signature on cheques for the organization’s social club bank account. 

The ASET Investigative Committee met to discuss the case and agreed that the case required further investigation. Interviews with the complainant and member under investigation were held in July 2017. The Investigative Panel completed the investigation into the conduct of the member. The Investigative Committee agreed to resolve the matter through a Recommended Discipline Order (RDO). The RDO was accepted by the member under investigation and ratified by a Case Manager of the ASET Discipline Committee. 

The RDO set out the following:

  • The Member acknowledged that he unlawfully and without authorization signed the cheques using the Complainant’s signature, when he was not authorized to do so by the account signatory, contrary to his ethical obligations as a Certified Engineering Technologist.
  • The Member admitted to depositing the cheques into a new social club bank account in the Member’s name, knowing that they were forged, and not signed or authorized by any of the account holder signatories.
  • The Member further agreed that the conduct referred to above constitutes unprofessional conduct and is a violation of the Act as well as the Code of Ethics. 
  • The Member shall receive a letter of reprimand and the letter shall remain on file with ASET indefinitely.
  • The Member shall notify the Registrar that he has completed and passed, at his own cost, the National Professional Practice Exam (NPPE).
  • Should the member fail to successfully complete the NPPE, his membership in ASET shall be suspended until such time that he completes the NPPE and provides proof of completion.
  • A summary of the Agreed Statement of Facts, approved by the Discipline Committee Case Manager shall be published in a manner that does not identify the Member or the Complainant by name. 
  • The Complainant shall be provided with a copy of the Order.


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