ASET partners with ECO Canada to provide project management training

17, May, 2022

ASET and ECO Canada are dedicated to providing professionals with fundamental skill development resources to propel them towards success. Companies frequently report improper project management as the number one reason for missing revenue targets, as costs, timelines, scope, and quality are not delivered at the anticipated level. To combat this, a project management training bundle is provided for your consideration.

To increase project management competence and further support ASET members with professional development options to maintain designation requirements, ECO Canada’s online project management bundle is now available at a discounted rate of 15 per cent. To ensure you get the ASET rate, please use this promo code upon checkout: PM15_ASET

**Project Management bundle discount instructions**

Lifelong learning is key to a successful career journey. Click here to register and take the next step towards professional growth. Each course takes approximately five hours to complete, but can be completed over several days.

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